martes, 29 de enero de 2008

Anaïs Nin

"I don't hear your words: your voice reverberates against my body like another kind of caress, another kind of penetration".
"I might have been a faithful wife (...)but my temperament belongs to the writer, not to the woman. (...)Subtract the overintensity, the sizzling ideas, and you get a woman who loves perfection. And faithfulness is one of the perfections. It seems stupid and unintelligent to me now because I have bigger plans in mind. Perfection is static, and I am in full progress. The faithful wife is only one phase, one moment, one condition.".
(Anaïs Nin. Henry and June)

martes, 22 de enero de 2008

Words from Tina

It is always amazing how a woman makes a man into a human being